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Breastfeeding Past One Year

Breastfeeding Past One Year

Why are we pushing “real food” and weening on our children SO early? Even though it seems like more and more families are embracing the God-given-good of breast milk, I still see and hear of one trying to get out of that stage as soon as they can. Pressure of friends and family? Yes, I know quite […]

TheO SmartBall from PhysicalApps REVIEW

What to do with the Kids while you Work from Home

Being a mom of four and trying to work from home is quite often a bit overwhelming. Let’s face it just being a mom is hard work. We rarely get a quiet moment – even when in the restroom, right? Generally I try to work early morning, nap times and after bed, but occasionally I have […]

How to make Vanilla Extract

VANILLA BEANS on sale at Olive Nation till 8-27-14 use code VANB15 for 15% off I have been making my own vanilla extract for more than a year now. I’m on my third round of batches! It is so simple, way cheaper and the huge bonus?!? It means you can use it profusely in your baking! […]

Home Dried Greens

Home Dried Dark Leafy Greens

A few years ago when the kids and I went gleaning at a local farm my daughter decided she liked kale. Score for the farmhand who talked all the kids into giving everything a try! The problem is, she thinks she likes it more than she actually eats it. But I can’t say no when […]

Kale and Sweet Potato Baby Food and OXOtot Giveaway

Nutritious #FirstBites and @OXOtot Giveaway

I was so happy to have revisited and revised this recipe!I used to just do a sweet potato hash, minus the kale for him for breakfast. We did baby led solids with our third and didn’t end up doing a lot of purees since he had a good amount of teeth when he was interested […]

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