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Why Drinking Water Matters {Daily Water Challenge}

Guest Post from Jaclyn of Natural Momma in Progress I have never been a soda drinker, and have, in fact, always preferred water. Even as a kid, when my family would drink sweet tea, I would just drink water. I don’t know why I have always … [Read more...]

Drinking Tactics {Daily Water Challenge}

From Sara here at Your Thriving Family and Carrie of Young Living Oil Lady Start your day with a glass of water. Keep a water glass or bottle of water with you all the time and drink throughout the day. Drink a glass before … [Read more...]

Water, Please! {Daily Water Challenge}

 Guest Post from Carrie of Young Living Oil Lady When people ask me what I want to drink I say, "Water, please." When people ask me what my favorite drink is, I say, "Water." That might be shocking to some of you, then again, it might be your … [Read more...]

The Right Vessel {Daily Water Challenge}

Have you looked at our image for this series and wondered why it is a jar instead of a glass?  Or a bottle of water?  Well, simply, jars are just more fun! Not only can you use a reCAP on them, but if you by anything in jars you have an instant … [Read more...]

A Few Water Facts {Daily Water Challenge}

From Sara here at Your Thriving Family and Carrie of Young Living Oil Lady  Our bodies are composed of 55-70% water. Your liver, the thing that cleans your blood -  71% water. Your brain, the think that helps you function - 75% water. Your … [Read more...]

Encouraging Healthy {Daily Water Challenge}

Guest Post from Mandi, the author of Sweet Tiny Blessings. I always felt like water was the cure for everything.  You know, like in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, where the dad thinks Windex is the cure for everything?  That's me, with water. … [Read more...]

Top 5 of 2012

The first day of the year and what a year 2012 was . . . For me it marked becoming a mother of three and with that an official stay/work-at-home mom.  A new season and view on motherhood and what that meant for our marriage.  It feels as if much of … [Read more...]